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These three services take the hassle out of your shipping, packing, mailing and inventory processes. Instead, we take care of everything for you.

Air Freight. Our air freight services are perfect for anything that is travelling a long distance but must be there quickly. We ship goods, merchandise, cargo and any other materials and we handle any type of shipments – from international courier and freight, to domestic freight. And we can deliver same day, 2 day and deferred. What's more, we personally track your shipments door to door. Learn more about our Air Freight Services.

Pick & Pack. If your company is dependent on reliable order fulfillment – of any type of merchandise – our Pick & Pack services may be perfect. We can store your inventory and then quickly and efficiently package the appropriate materials to fulfill orders. We'll assemble, kit, stuff, fold, label, inspect and ship. We do it efficiently and reliably. We make it easy for you to fulfill orders and satisfy your customers. Learn more about our Pick & Pack capabilities.

Warehousing. Both Air Freight and Pick & Pack services sometimes require warehousing of materials. We can take care of that requirement too. We have an accessible warehouse that's close by. We can arrange to store your goods there. And we can deliver them promptly as needed. What's more, you can use our online system to keep track of your inventory. Learn more about our Warehousing capabilities.

Need more information? A simple call to 718-238-2919 will get you answers. Or send us an email – we'll be happy to answer any questions.


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