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It sometimes happens when you’re planning a mailing. The direct mail piece has been written, designed, approved and printed. The lists that you’ve requested have been sent to you. It’s all at the mail house being processed. At the last minute, a member of your sales team gives you an additional list to be included in the mailing.

When materials have to get out on time and reach clients on schedule, it pays to work with a company that can work around YOUR schedule. Recently, one of our clients had notified its high-end customers that a report would be distributed by a certain date. But as sometimes happens in day-to-day business, last minute changes to content due to data errors caused a delay in printing. Our client kept us notified day-to-day as to the status of the order, but on time delivery seemed very unlikely. The stress on the operations manager at the client’s workplace was evident.

If your company works internationally, CMS may be able to improve your international mail and package delivery – and provide a better rate to you than you have now. CMS can get your mail and packages to any destination. Our network of international partners enables us to provide shipping and hand-delivery service to most worldwide destinations. Whatever you need delivered—and whatever timeline it's on—CMS will get it there.

Mailing has become a very effective marketing tool for companies. Especially now. But there are a few secrets to getting the most from your efforts. The USPS delivered over 160 billion pieces of mail last year to over 152 million homes and businesses. Mailings generally fall into one or two categories, but there are ways to stand out and get noticed

By now you’ve probably heard how we help companies get the best price on mailings because we commingle mail from several sources – resulting in the best sorting rate for each company. Your company gets the lowest postage rates available and we do the work for you!


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