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Given the importance of every package or envelope you send, it’s critical that your mailings go to the right person, at the right time and in pristine condition. Whether you are in the educational field and sending out welcome packets, in the financial industry distributing benefits packages, or an association enrolling members, you need to rely on the expertise and professionalism of your distribution partner.

USPS, UPS and FedEx have all scheduled rate increases for 2018. Please check the links provided below for more details. As rates increase, it's even more important to contact us for a complete analysis of your mail services. We may be able to improve efficiencies as well as savings! Give us a call at 718-238-2919.

USPS rate increases

UPS rate increases

FedEx rate increases


One of our financial customers needed fast service. This company wanted to distribute documents to prospective clients within 3-5 days. Urgency was key. The documents weighed 13 ounces each. Previously, they’ve had to mail these documents via First Class Mail in order to achieve their required transit times. The cost for this First Class Mail was $3.50 per piece.

The cut off dates for domestic and International Mail are provided below:

First Class Mail: December 19

Priority Mail: December 20

Priority Mail Express: December 22

USPS Retail Ground: December 14

International Mail, First Class, To:

Africa: November 30

Asia/Pacific Rim: December 7

Australia/New Zealand: December 7

Canada: December 7

Caribbean: December 7

Central & South America: November 30

Mexico: December 7

Europe: December 7

Middle East: December 7

For more information on International Priority Mai and Global Express cut off dates, please give us a call.

The approved new rates (13 rate cells in total) can be viewed on the Postal Explorer website at and will go into effect on September 3, 2017.

After implementation, the FCMP product will become a new “Retail” rate category within the existing First-Class Package Service (“FCPS”) product. The new “Retail” price category will be called “First-Class Package Service – Retail” while the existing FCPS price category will be renamed “First-Class Package Service – Commercial.” The new FCPS-Retail product has the same characteristics as the former First-Class Mail Parcels product.


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