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When first class service and speed are critical to your mailing, consider CMS’s Expedited Mail Service. As a matter of fact, this expedited service is often available at lower rates. How do we do this? CMS offers expedited services for flat size mail, BPM and parcels, but with a discount off first class postage. The result is that your mailing delivers quickly, at first-rate speed!

Volume and Pricing. We’ve streamlined our in-house processes – creating a very efficient system. And when we commingle the mail that is distributed by our customers, we have VOLUME. Our shippers love us. They want to do more business with us. So we get expedited mail rates! It’s as simple as that!

But is it efficient? It definitely is! We’re somewhat fussy ourselves and we make sure it’s done right. We’re in business to please our customers. Our clients often consult with us to make sure their mailings get the best postage and fastest delivery times. CMS has also been doing this for a while, so we can be innovative and flexible – helping you stay on budget and on time. Tell us what you need, and we’ll deliver.

What companies use this Expedited Mail Service? Any company with flats (mail between 1 and 16 oz. and lightweight parcels, 1-16 oz., and BPM 1-15 lbs.) that need fast delivery without additional costs. Here are some of our customers:

• Medical companies

• Insurance firms

• Healthcare companies

• Retail stores, particularly high-end clothing

• Financial firms (proxies are a good example)

• Cosmetics companies – deliveries must be fast!

• Marketing firms, and

• E-retail outlets – if ordered online, customers expect quick delivery!

Who do you call? Contact Ed Conrad at 718-238-2919 for more information. Our customers save an average of 15% - 20%! Don’t miss out on this valuable service.


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