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Proxy season is here! It’s time to distribute those annual statements that are required by firms soliciting shareholder votes. Proxy season generally starts after the New Year and continues until May. Distributing proxy statements is important. Efficiency and accuracy are critical.

Organized Systems. We can help deliver your flats for you quickly. Our warehouse floor is set up to deliver prompt service while providing quality care. In some cases, we can even save you money. Because we commingle your mail with the mail from other companies, we usually provide a better rate for you. No matter how large your mailings are, our teams are experts at handling large volumes. One of our biggest clients in the financial world keeps coming back to us every year because we are trustworthy. We keep our promises. Every year we get it right, handling the mail carefully and accurately. If you’re approaching proxy season, call us at 718-238-2919, we’d be happy to provide a quote to you.

We can even manage multiple vendors for you and take the project from start to finish. We can also handle your international deliveries. Give us a call!


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