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"CMS has become an integral partner for our business. They have proven time and time again their ability to deliver excellent service."


Do you send your mailings to different partners – depending on your needs? Do you use a different partner for international mailings? What happens when you need collating and packaging? CMS mail services include everything you need. From start to finish, we’ll take care of your project and take the hassle off your hands. One call to CMS and we will:

• Schedule a pick up of your materials.

• Put together the mailings according to your specification. No matter how many pieces, we’ll get it right!

• We process everything in house. So we are not waiting for another company to fine tune the database, or take care of the collating. That’s our job and we’ve got the best people taking care of your project.

• We also take care of any size package, letter or publication. We’ll shrink wrap the contents if needed, and make sure to get you the lowest rate available.

• We even take care of international needs. We get your mail where it needs to go – even if it’s overseas!

Working with CMS means you keep everything under one roof. There are no contractors to blame, or missing pieces. Instead, you get fast, accurate service from the best. Give us a call at 718-238-2919 and let’s see how we can help your company be more productive!


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