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Compliance changes at USPS, new peak shipping charges from UPS and robots delivering packages! These are items in the news lately! Let’s catch you up on the details…..

1. The Postal Service is making changes to the way Move Update compliance is measured. This new process has a couple additional benefits, including:


a. Enhanced mailing visibility

b. Improved mail quality metrics over all mailings within a calendar month

Here’s the link to review the entire guide:

2. UPS announced new peak charges applicable during selected weeks in November and December. These rates are for U.S. Residential, Large Package and Packages over Maximum Limits. These new charges enable more employees and more transportation vehicles necessary to provide the same exceptional service during this high peak delivery period. See a full description online at

3. And finally, Robots? Yes, that’s right. China recently sent robots to deliver items for the first time. The four-wheeled droids are designed to carry as many as five packages at once. Fully charged, they can travel at a rate of about 12 miles per hour. And how does delivery happen? Once it reaches its destination, the robot sends out a text message to notify the recipient of the delivery. Hmmm, will you soon be seeing robots in YOUR neighborhood?


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