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If your company mails information to your clients, there are many possible mailing discounts available that can have a real impact on your bottom line. The problem is knowing who to contact to find out your best options. If you don’t know where to look you run the risk of paying too much. And in the process you may be sacrificing service levels. CMS provides the following few tips on saving postage and increasing your service levels.

 1. 1st Class Pre-Sort. Anything you can do to save postage and improve the USPS process not only ensures mail is delivered faster but can also save you money. Pre-sorting your 1st Class Mail can save you upwards of 10% right off the top. You can achieve additional discounts with commingling and co-palletization options – which are options we have for sending your mail to the same locations (zones) as other mailers. CMS can help you with each of these options.

2. Zone Skip. This is when you ship your standard mail directly to postal facilities closer to the mail's final destinations. When you take advantage of this option, you can save big with the USPS. Discounts vary by entry point: $0.034/piece for Sectional Center Facility (SCF) and $0.026/piece for Network Distribution Center (DNC). Give us a call and we can give you more information on Zone Skip.

3. Postcards should be postcard size. At one time, everyone was mailing oversized postcards – which essentially don’t help you save much money. Nowadays, mailing normal sized postcards can get you the same exposure as large postcards once did but with even further savings. You can save $0.15 per piece if your postcards are the correct size (3 ½ X 5 to 4 ¼ X 6). A quick reminder: always allow enough space for the required “clear zone” around the IMB barcode.

4. Flat Size Mail. When you are looking for the best rates, sometimes you need to look outside of the USPS. At CMS we have a hybrid flat service that can save you 15-20% off the 1st Class Flat Rate, while still delivering in 3-5 days.

5. Certified Mail. CMS also provides online Certified Mail® fulfillment services. If you need to track your mailing – either to a few people or thousands – we have the easiest process, and we save you money. Our online system, which creates, sends and tracks Certified Mail®; helps streamline the entire process right from your desktop computer. This innovative solution helps businesses save time, avoid errors, and send and track their Certified Mail – right from their own office. Whether you are sending it to one recipient, or thousands, certified mail pieces with the appropriate postal forms printed, processed and entered into the USPS mail stream will save you time, effort and money.

6. BONUS TIP. If all of this feels overwhelming and seems to leave too much to chance, engage one of our Postal experts and have your next project reviewed before going to print. It’s the least expensive way to make sure you maximize your postal discounts – and that’s what we’re here for.

Let us review your mailings and we will let you know how much we can help you save today. Interested? Call Patti Fanelli: (718) 238 – 2919.


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