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One of our financial customers needed fast service. This company wanted to distribute documents to prospective clients within 3-5 days. Urgency was key. The documents weighed 13 ounces each. Previously, they’ve had to mail these documents via First Class Mail in order to achieve their required transit times. The cost for this First Class Mail was $3.50 per piece.

CMS to the rescue! Using our Expedited Flat Service which we discussed in our last newsletter, Looking For More Savings & Postage Discounts?, (link to: this new expedited service mirrors First Class delivery times while saving on the First Class postage costs! In fact, we were able to save our client 22% of their annual postage spend. As a result, this financial company saved tens of thousands of dollars - even while meeting their delivery objective.

Here’s how it works. When using the Expedited Flat Service, the client prepares the mail making sure the contents are fully inserted, and mail pieces are in zip code order. We pick up the mail and enter it into our expedited streamline process.

One last note: In addition to flats, we handle BPM, parcels and marketing parcels or flats.


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