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Rather than hire, maintain and manage mail room staff, CMS provides Mailroom Management services. We support our clients in the delivery of core business services by offering a turnkey printing or document management solution tailored to your specific needs. The services offered can include printing, copying, collating and finishing capabilities. We work with you to design the system according to your needs. And we’ll also oversee the hiring of the staff as well as the management of the staff.

At the start of every New Year it’s always smart to know how postal regulations are going to impact your bottom-line. CMS keeps abreast of all developments within USPS and can help you plan the most effective use of your direct marketing and communications budget.

Earlier this month, the US Postal Service announced its intention of delivering mail Monday through Friday but continuing to deliver packages Monday through Saturday. This is scheduled to take place in early August. The change in delivery is expected to save USPS approximately $2 billion annually. Over the past several years, the Postal Service has advocated shifting to a five-day delivery schedule for mail and packages but strong growth in package delivery led to the revised decision to maintain package delivery six days per week.


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