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"CMS has become an integral partner for our business. They have proven time and time again their ability to deliver excellent service."



No matter the distance, we can move your materials.

Whether you need to send your materials across town or across the country, we can get them there. Less than truckload (LTL) services are available to and from the Post Office.


Courier & Trucking services include:

International – whether cargo or courier, high value packages or even dangerous goods, we can take care of your international needs.

Domestic – special needs, freight or environmental products, we can provide answers for you.

Reporting and transparency –  business intelligence reporting and faster tracking


International Services

  • Parcel/Courier
  • Freight/Cargo
  • Patented technologies to report and mitigate the CO2 needed to deliver packages internationally
  • Dangerous goods
  • Fine art
  • High-value goods
    • International express delivery (INX) available on a timeline that's faster than many national competitors
    • International next flight available delivery (INFL)—the fastest possible delivery—available, most often next day, thanks to smaller time zone differences


Domestic Services

  • Specialty delivery needs (time, commodity or other)
  • Freight/Cargo
  • Delivery of environmental material.


Reporting and Transparency

  • Full diagnostic reporting on domestic shipments

All clients receive full business intelligence reporting and full info graphic reporting for easy tracking.


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