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"CMS has become an integral partner for our business. They have proven time and time again their ability to deliver excellent service."


If you know CMS, you know we're detail oriented. We handle all kinds of shipments, mailings and trucking services. Sometimes we're packing boxes, sometimes we're fine tuning presentation folders for advertising companies. We collate. We pack. We ship. And we have to get it right all the time.

And we're even more detailed when it comes to Pick & Pack. We get it. It's your order. If we don't pull the right items and pack it correctly, your customer gets annoyed. That doesn't happen at CMS. If anything, we're micro-managers. We check and re-check. We get it right. And we do it faster than you can.

Pick & Pack is meant for companies who count on reliable order fulfillment of any merchandise – jewelry, apparel – you name it, we'll pack it.

Turn the details over to us. When you use our Pick & Pack services, here's what we'll do.

  • We work quickly and efficiently to package the appropriate materials exactly to your specifications and fulfill the order.
  • We can take care of all your packing needs. Our services include assembly, kitting, sorting, stuffing, folding, repacking, labeling, inspection and shipping.
  • We'll fulfill the needs of any industry. Some of the ones we work with now include order fulfillment of cosmetics, fashions and promotional items.

For more information, call our Pick & Pack expert now at 718-238-2919.


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