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International Shipment Forms

Commercial Invoice

The commercial invoice must be completed in order to clear all international shipments through customs.

Certificate of Origin

The Certificate of Origin must be presented to customs when importing to confirm the national origin of the merchandise.

Certificate of Registration

The Certificate of Registration is required when duty free entry is claimed for the described articles as having been exported without benefit of drawback and returned unchanged unless noted.

Proforma Invoice

This document is required for the purpose of documenting the cost of merchandise of the shipment and is used often for an import license or foreign exchange allocation.


PostComm Documents

UK Complaint Handling Procedures

UK Complaints Log March 2011


Partners and External Resources

National Airspace System Status - Latest Airport Interruptions

Truckload and LTLServices - Synchrogistics National freight brokerage partnering with CMS



Janurary 2017 Price Change Fact Sheet

Information from US Postal Services,

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World Calendar

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